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Lace and Tennis

Posted on: July 9, 2012

Husband has been on a rare trip away with work, so it’s been pretty busy over the last week as I solo parent my two girls who dislike sleep. This hasn’t left a lot of time for knitting but that doesn’t mean my needles have been idle. I finished a quick knit cardigan for my youngest, who refuses to wear it because it doesn’t have buttons on it. Who knew a 22 mth old could be so demanding with her clothing! I’ve also made a start on the knitted Christmas gifts, to try and avoid that mid-December hand ache caused by staying up late to try and finish everything in time. I’m also hoping I can take on a few commissions as well, so if anyone wants anything hand-knitted to give as a gift, please get in touch or pass on my details.

I also completed my 26 pairs of socks in 52 weeks challenge, with 2 days to spare. A few were gifts, so I am now the proud owner of 21 pairs of hand-knitted socks. I haven’t worn shop-bought socks since last Autumn and I can’t imagine switching back, to be honest. My feet were cosy warm all winter and with careful choice of yarn, they haven’t gotten too hot in what has laughingly passed for summer so far in the UK. I’m now taking a well-earned break from socks and have started this beautiful shawl Rock Island by Jared Flood. It’s been up and down to say the least. On Saturday, I started the main body of the shawl and was doing quite well, or so I thought, and then in the lace section, it seemed to go a bit wrong and I ended up having to rip it all back. So today, I’ll be starting the main body again and using a number of lifelines and trying not to get distracted.

I’ve also been amused by this news story – woman knitting at Wimbledon during a Murray game. It amused me because of the way it seemed to cause real uproar among some people. I’ve read comments that she should have given her ticket back if she wasn’t going to watch and how disrespectful it was to the players, both of which made me laugh. She’s clearly watching the match whilst knitting, not an impossible task, I myself was watching at home whilst knitting. The Jeremy Vine discussion on Radio 2 on Monday lunchtime was almost excruciating – particularly when he asked if the knitter in the studio always switched her needles in her hands when she said the word exactly and she patiently explained that no, she was just at the end of the row.


3 Responses to "Lace and Tennis"

Oh my gosh! Congratulations on the 26 pairs of socks in 52 weeks. That’s amazing.
The thing about knitting at the tennis game was hysterical. I sometimes knit at red lights in traffic. I knit in classes if the teacher gives me permission. I can certainly watch something and knit without looking, as long as it’s stockinette. Maybe someday I can knit more complicated stuff without looking. I applaud the woman for bring something to do with her hands while she watched the tennis match.

love love love the shawl. may need to order one – facebook me a price will you.

I thought the same about the lady knitting at Wimbledon, I too was knitting whilst watching it on tv, wow 26 pairs of socks, how amazing!

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