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One more skein

Posted on: August 25, 2013

This week has been about waiting and I am not always patient when it comes to waiting.

On the needles

I still have my two long-term projects on the needles. I’ve not worked on the Sock Yarn Blanket this week but as autumn approaches it’s definitely in my mind more. I also still have Mandala on the needles. I’m about halfway through the final chart before the edging so I’m hopeful it’ll be done by the end of September. Each round is slow going now but there are over 500 stitches for each round so even the plain knit rounds are taking 20 odd minutes per round.

I also cast on a top for Eloise, Nina by Rachel Evans in King Cole Merino in a similar shade of pink to the Fair Weather Tee I finished for Zoe. I intended to make the baby doll top as I didn’t have enough for a dress, but Eloise is quite short so it’ll probably look more like a dress for a while. I thought it was finished on Friday when I finished the cast off but when I put the details in Ravelry I realised that I’d only used 3 skeins of yarn but I had 4 in stash, so I dug out the other one and ripped out the lace edging and I’m now working through the final skein. It was a slight relief to discover the mistake because the length was at that awkward stage where it wasn’t quite a dress but looked a bit too long for a top. Duncan suggested I left it but I knew I’d struggle to find a use for one skein of DK in such a bright pink colour.

Off the needles

Because of the mistake in the amount of yarn I had, nothing was finished this week. Will have pics of Eloise’s top next week though. 


It’s a bit cooler in the north east this week and a bit greyer as well so thoughts are definitely turning to autumn and winter. I’ve started planning my Christmas knitting – Owls by Kate Davis will be a Christmas present for one of my sisters, another has also asked for a cardigan but not made a decision on the style yet. I normally also make socks for Duncan and something for the girls but I’m not sure they really need anything this year, so we’ll see. I’ve already completed one present for my mum as well which leaves me feeling slightly organised. 

But as well as general Christmas present ideas, I’ve been on a real jumper kick for me. I have plans to cast on a Starling cardigan for me in September in a teal-ish colour of Austermann Merino Lace. I’m hoping it’s teal enough to qualify for the Teal-tember knit-a-long being co-hosted by the Knitting Den podcast (one of my favourite knitting related podcasts, I must admit). Teal is the colour for Ovarian Cancer (like pink is the colour for breast cancer) hence the knit-a-long.

But my queue generally is leaning more towards clothing for me rather than beautifully intricate lace shawls. I think this is because of a failed design earlier this year when I tried to design a cardigan which seemed like a great idea on paper but I failed twice to make it look amazing when I knit it up so I think I need to learn some more about cardigan and clothing construction generally – especially as I have another couple of ideas percolating in my brain right now. 

Yarnwise, I’ve made a purchase this week of some Colourmart silk DK in a chocolatey brown. No idea what it’ll be yet, but it’s a sweater’s worth of yarn so I’ll probably spend next week stalking ideas on Ravelry for it. I’ve been fighting urges to buy huge amounts of pretty yarn this week, I think yarn shopping is partly a stress mechanism for me, which at least is healthier than chocolate, even if it is more expensive.

Where’s my bookmark?

I’m currently about halfway through An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain by John O’Farrell. I recently finished Andrew Marr’s brilliantly in depth A History of Modern Britain and this is a more humorous take on post-WW2 history in the UK. Since last week I obviously finished The Mermaids Singing by Val McDermid, which was very good but I did half guess a couple of bits. I also tried to read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards but didn’t really like it much so I gave up after about 100 pages. I used to slog through books I wasn’t enjoying but I have so many waiting to be read that I now have a 100 page rule: if I’m not engaged enough by page 100, I’m done with it. I also read some short stories from Night Shift by Stephen King. 

Family Life

Like I said, it’s been a week of waiting – we ordered bunk beds at the end of July and are still waiting for the final parcel to be delivered. The courier firm is a joke and claim to have tried to deliver 3 times this week but as I was definitely in for 2 of those times and no-one came, I find it hard to believe them. We’re also heading into the last week of the school holidays so this week I need to get uniform bits for both girls plus attempt the hell that is the shoe shop in the last week of the holidays to see if Zoe needs new school shoes and to get some for Eloise.


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2 Responses to "One more skein"

One busy lady! I like the sound of chocolate brown yarn! What’s stalking? is it buying yarn then finding something to do with it? Or following someone round and yarn bombing them?

Stalking is when you obsessively and constantly search for something on Ravelry – so at the moment every time I go on, I’m looking at sweaters and cardigans for myself. A few weeks ago, I was stalking/obsessively searching for the perfect beads for a couple of shawls.

However, I love the idea of following someone round and yarn bombing them! Maybe when I have more time next month…

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