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Practical not beautiful

Posted on: October 17, 2013

I’ve really lacked some knitting mojo this week. I have wandered round the house picking up yarn and seeing what I might want to knit with it and then putting it away again. I think I want to knit more clothing – practical things to enhance my wardrobe – but even then I’m stalling about what to knit and with what.

On the needles

I’ve been a bit scattered this week. I cast on Owls by Kate Davies for my sister for Christmas and was going great on that; first time knitting with bulky yarn and it just flies by! After a couple of days the majority of the body of the sweater was done and I just needed to do the sleeves and then join the whole thing for the yoke. That was when I discovered I didn’t have any double pointed needles in the right size and the only circulars I have are quite long – I can’t get to grips with magic loop when circular knitting, I much prefer dpns. So the sweater is back in the bag waiting for the arrival of some new Knit Pro Symphonie rosewood double pointed needles.

After that, I was struggling with what to knit next. I spent a couple of days working on my Sock Yarn Blanket. I’m now on the 6th row – each row is about 25 squares wide, which is huge, so I’m planning to do about 20 rows in total. 

I did have the Starling cardigan on the needles last week but I ended up ripping that out. I think the yarn was too thin for the cardigan and I wasn’t entirely happy with it – so I’m on the look out for a decent yarn for that pattern and a new pattern for the yarn.

With the colder weather though, I’ve had a real desire to knit jumpers and tops and practical things to keep warm rather than beautiful lace shawls, but I’ve struggled to decide upon something. I eventually cast on a pair of socks that are a modified version of a pair I designed over the summer. That pattern needs to be written up this week and sent out to some test knitters. It should be tech edited as well soon so I can release it.


Off the needles

I seem to have spent a lot of time casting things on but not getting much further than that. I did cast on and finish a hat:


This is the Short Rows Wavy hat by Lee Meredith, knit in Crystal Palace Yarns Mochi Plus which my husband bought me as part of an anniversary present. It was a very quick knit, cast on one afternoon and ready to wear on the nursery run at lunchtime the next day. The yarn has lovely colours and is so soft.


What I’m stalking

Like I said, I’m on a real clothing kick this week so I have been endlessly looking at my queue of patterns on Ravelry as well as just general searching. I have a few top/sweater quantities of yarn now: the Louisa Harding Grace from last week and some Posh Yarn in 3 different quantities plus some undyed yarns I bought at Woolfest back in June. So I have the yarn, it’s been very much a case of finding the right pattern. I have pretty much decided to make Aniron by Luise O’Neill with the Grace, Tink Tank by Megan Williams of the Stockinette Zombie podcast in a dark blue yarn from Posh Yarns and Kage by Kirsten Johnstone in a purple yarn from Posh Yarns. So those will probably be among my next few projects.

As well as stalking a whole bunch of patterns and obsessing over tops, I also had a clean up of my Ravelry queue. Everyone uses their queue differently – for me, it’s patterns I’d like to make at some point. So I had a clear up of that and removed some patterns that I’ve changed my mind about. I’ve also linked a whole lot of patterns to yarns I have in my stash in an attempt to try and use them but what I found is it just makes me buy more yarn for newer patterns. So I’ve been going through and cleaning it all up and unlinking yarns. I’ve come to the conclusion that unless my yarn buying becomes a problem (ie I have no money because it’s all spent on yarn or the spare room explodes with yarn) then I’m not going to get stressed about it. It’s the same with books: I have hundreds of books, a lot (possibly even the majority) of which are unread. But they will be read at some point, just like my yarn will be used at some point, so I’m no longer stressing about it.


What I’m listening to

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I am a big podcast listener. I think I have about 20 or so on my iphone that I listen to. Most of them are knitting related – the only ones not are Simon Mayo’s weekly confessions, the Infinite Monkey Cage series and The Bugle. The rest are knitting related and I thought I’d share my favourites with you. I love all the podcasts I listen to but the ones that make me smile when a new episode starts downloading are: Happy Spider Knits, The Knitmore Girls, The Knitting Den and Joeli’s Kitchen. I try and listen to a couple every day so it doesn’t get too overwhelming and I find that, as I don’t get a chance to go to any local knitting groups, it’s like having a mini knitting group in my own home. I can often be found talking back to podcasts – at which my husband rolls his eyes!


2 Responses to "Practical not beautiful"

Great excuse to buy the Knitpro dpns! Thanks for the podcast links, I’ll enjoy listening to those soon. pw x

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