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Posted on: October 24, 2013

On the needles

I’ve been busy this week, taking advantage of some down time in my ‘normal’ work to get cracking with the knitting. I’ve cast on 2 new things and have been dividing my time unevenly between them and my cast on from last week. First up are my Starry socks which are my own design. I did a version of these over the summer but wasn’t entirely happy with them so I’ve modified the pattern a bit and am now in the process of recruiting test knitters (so if anyone is interested in testing knitting for me, please get in touch). I’ve finished one sock and have started the toe on the other.


As well as working on these, I cast on Aniron by Luise O’Neill. For this, I’m using my newly acquired sale bargain of Louisa Harding’s Grace Handyed which is 50% merino, 50% silk. It is lovely to work with, so soft and handles being ripped out and reknit quite easily. This is handy because when I marked up the pattern for my size, I made a mistake and ended up knitting 8 rows before realising, so they had to be ripped back. I’m not very far into it – I’ve done the back shoulders and am now working on the upper back.

I’ve also cast on twice with Easy Knits Deeply Wicked which I bought at Woolfest in 2012. It’s been sat in my stash waiting for the right project and I decided upon a cowl. The first one I tried didn’t really suit the variegated nature of the colours so I finally chose Ceres Celebration cowl. I’ve made my slightly longer than the pattern calls for because as much as I’m currently loving cowls, I don’t like things too tight around my neck. This is a lovely, easy stitch pattern that really works with variegated yarn so I’m looking forward to finishing this and wearing it soon.


Off the needles

Only one thing off the needles this week, although it still needs a final finishing touch, but my Owls jumper by Kate Davies is finished. I can’t show pics in case my sister is reading this – she knows which pattern I’m doing but I want it to be a bit of a surprise. I still need to get buttons to sew on for the eyes but otherwise, it’s done. Once I had the new dpns, I finished it in 3 days – you’ve got to love bulky yarn for quick knitting. I’d definitely make this again – quick, no seaming, what could be better – and I’d definitely use the yarn, Rowan Cocoon again; it did shed quite a bit but it was lovely and soft and very wearable. I hope my sister likes it.


It just fell into my bag!

I’ve been a little too trigger happy with buying yarn in the last couple of weeks. Twice I’ve fallen for yarn in the Posh Yarn updates. The first two pics are actually from last week, I just hadn’t photographed them in time for last week’s post.Image


The top picture is Posh Yarn Natasha Sock in ‘Last night I dreamed of our old house’ which is a gorgeous 50% camel/50% silk blend described as “dusky pink, sage, milky coffee, all with a silvery shimmer.” The bottom picture is Posh Yarn Harriet DK which is 100% wool in ‘You couldn’t possibly know’ which is a lovely dark blue. This is what I’m going to use to make the Tink Tank. I also bought some lace from this week’s update but it’s not photographed yet, so that’ll be in next week’s post – it’s an alpaca, cashmere, silk lace in a greyish colour and will be a cardigan at some point.

I also bought this:


This is Trailing Clouds Mind the Gap self striping sock yarn. I’ve seen a couple of podcasters using this over the last month or so and so decided to get some. The colours are the colours of all the tube lines in London. These will be socks – possibly plain ones or I might just do a simple cable on them or something – with this yarn it is all about the stripes and too much of anything else will definitely detract from them.

Non-knitting related purchases have mainly been second hand books – I’m slowly gathering the Wallander series and found 4 very cheap last weekend, along with Nigel Slater’s first Kitchen Diaries. I should really be separated from my purse – I have more yarn than I can knit with right now (although not at what is known as SABLE quantities – stash acquired beyond life expectancy) and our bedroom floor is very close to disappearing under books – I think they may be the carpet of the room soon. It doesn’t help that my current read The Scramble for Africa by Thomas Pakenham is slow going – fascinating, educational and a great history of European involvement in Africa, but slow going nonetheless.


Family life

I realised the last time I did this, I forgot to mention the major excitement in our house last month – Zoe was awarded a Blue Peter badge. For those outside the UK or not familiar with it, Blue Peter is a show for 6-13 year olds which features a wide variety of things – crafts, recipes, presenter challenges, guests, et cetera, and they very much encourage the children to send in pictures, emails, questions, etc. I watched it as a child, as did my mother, and now Zoe does – she loves it and sent in her first picture in August – I photographed her drawing and emailed it in. We didn’t see it on the show but I explained that they get lots and lots of things and can’t show everything. I thought that was the end of it, so imagine our total surprise to receive the badge in the post one Saturday morning. I am, I admit, slightly jealous, I always wanted a badge myself, but of course I am also immensely proud that Zoe has one already.



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