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Chilly mornings

Posted on: October 31, 2013

The clocks have done back, the evenings are darker and the mornings that bit colder so my knitting is all about the upcoming festivities and keeping warm. 

On the needles

Aniron is still on my needles this week and had a bit of love – I’ve joined the shoulders and joined under the arms so I’m now working my way down the body. It’s quite a straightforward knit but it’s heading to the backburner so I can get on with some gift knitting.

My only other cast on – which I have literally just cast on before writing this post – is a straightforward cowl for my husband. The mornings have a slight chill to them at the moment, but nowhere near enough to justify a scarf, so he likes the idea of a cowl. I’m using some left over Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply in black and just doing a rib edged stocking stitch cowl. Hopefully I won’t lose my mind with so much stocking stitch!


Off the needles

I finished my Ceres cowl earlier this week. It’s a lot bigger than the original pattern – it’s even bigger than I intended but I didn’t want to be left with yarn that would just sit there because it wasn’t enough for a new project but I couldn’t get any more of it. 



The yarn has some lovely colours in it and one side of the cowl really works with the variegated yarn and breaks it up nicely. Strangely, and without any planning on my part, the other half has pooled into stripes. I like both effects so will be wearing it a lot over the coming weeks and months.

Today I also finished my Starry socks, which are my own design. I admit they had been languishing over the week and I hadn’t really planned to finish them this week, but one of my podcasts had been running a Socktober knit a long and so I decided to get them done to enter that. I completed the 2nd sock in a day and a half of knitting which I’m very happy with. The pattern is currently with some testers and I’m hoping to have it up for sale by mid November.



It just fell into my bag!

No yarn shopping this week, I’ve been too busy working and having fun over the half term holidays. I do have a pic of last week’s yarn, although not the greatest shot:



This is Miranda Lace in ‘Floorboards Creak in an empty house’. The photo shows blues and greens but there’s more greys, purples and maybe browns in it. It’s lovely anyway and destined to be a laceweight cardigan at some point, maybe when winter has passed and it starts to get a bit warmer.


Christmas planning

I know some people don’t like to think about Christmas until December, but I am not one of those people and I make no apologies for it. As far as I’m concerned, once Zoe’s birthday is over and done with in September, I can crack on with Christmas. This week I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for the many presents I need to buy. I also plan to cast on another cardigan – the Austin hoodie as mentioned before – for one of my sisters. I wound the yarn this week for it, a lovely undyed merino and silk mix. I had hoped to finish my Aniron first but a 4ply weight cardigan will not be quick and deadline trumps selfishness at this time of year. I’d rather wait on knitting for me and do the gifts early rather than still be knitting on Christmas eve like a crazy lady with fingers that hurt a lot. Other planned gifts include socks for my husband, possibly bed socks for the girls. Zoe has also shown a bit of interest in her Barbie doll for the first time in months and would like more clothes for her, so I am going to try and do some of those as well. I think that might be it for the knitted gifts. I plan to do some baking related gifts as well for people but those are very much unplanned right now. Our cake is baked though and I’ll be doing the Christmas pudding in November. Christmas works well in our house – I do the majority of the prep in the months before but my husband cooks dinner on the day which means I get to relax a little bit then. 


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