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Posted on: November 18, 2013

On the needles

Shortly after writing my last post, I found out about NaKniSweMo – National Knit a Sweater Month – which works along the same lines as NaNoWriMo – National Write a Novel in a Month – only instead of writing 50,000 words, it involves knitting 50,000 stitches which is an average adult sized sweater. As I needed pushing with my Austin Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio, I sat down and worked out the stitch count – approximately 55,000 which definitely qualifies. By moving the deadline to November 30th rather than mid December, I feel rather more inclined to get cracking on it and I’ve gone great guns on it since then. When I posted last time, I had done most of the stocking stitch portion of the body and had briefly paused for a new needle. By Thursday, I had finished the body and the cardigan was blocking (it needs to block before you add the sleeves): 


Then, over the weekend, I’ve added one sleeve as well and started the short row shaping for the second sleeve. I’m definitely ahead for the month so hopefully this will be back blocking by next week – although I still have the hood to go and judging by the comments on many projects on Ravelry, this could be tricky because it’s not particularly clear or intuitive.

Also on the needles, I cast on the Foundling Mitts by Julia Temiseva which feature in What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit? published by Cooperative Press. It’s the first pattern I’ve cast on from the collection and I’m working them in Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino DK which is 100% merino wool. These are very quick – I finished the left hand last night and I should be finished the right one within a couple of days. These are going to be very useful over the coming months as when I’m not knitting, I spend a lot of time typing on the laptop, especially early in the morning, and my hands get a little chilly at times.

Off the needles

I finished my Aniron but I’m lacking in photos at the moment because the lighting has not been great and it’s pretty hard to take a photo of yourself wearing a top. It is, however, beautiful, and fits fantastically so I am very happy with it. I do have one photo though from last week’s off the needles – the simple cowl for Duncan’s walk to work:



It just fell into my bag

I have been excessively good this week and bought nothing – although, to be fair, this is not for lack of trying. I had hoped to pick up some 4ply from Posh Yarns in their Saturday update. However, I was not quick enough and lost out, although this is not heartbreaking because it’s not like I need more yarn, it was just pretty.

So, no purchases, but I have been trying out my two new needles which I bought last week. I used my HiyaHiya sharps for a large portion of the Austin Hoodie and loved them – which definitely surprised me because I’ve struggled with metal needles in the past. I love the tips on these and knitting definitely seemed a little easier with them. For the sleeves, I switched to the Chiagoo circulars instead and whilst I don’t love the tips on these, I do love the join between the needle and the cable and I love the sturdiness of the cable. So if I could find a needle that had that cable and join but was as sharp as the HiyaHiya Sharp, that would definitely be my perfect needle. I think for now, I shall be sticking to the Knit Pro Symphonies for DPNs and long straight needles (should I ever use those again!) and most likely HiyaHiyas for circulars. I’m still not sold on getting interchangeables because of the lack of very small sizes, but we shall see.


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