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Flying gifts

Posted on: December 9, 2013

On the needles

Gift knitting is still the big thing for this month. Right now, I’m down to two pairs of socks left to do – another pair of the Dainty Anklets by Wendy B Johnson for Zoe, again in the Rico Superba yarn I used for Eloise’s socks. I’m also working on Milo socks by Cookie A from her book Sock Innovation, which is a book that I really like (and should review at some point). These are both going slowly right now but that’s more because I’m trying to juggle knitting them and not knit them in front of Zoe & Duncan respectively. As I work for a lot of the time Zoe is at school, this is not as easy as I had hoped it would be.

I also cast on the Mereweather vest by Sharon Boswell in Posh Yarn Harriet DK, which is 100% wool and I have the You couldn’t possibly know colourway which is a dark blue. I had originally planned for this yarn to be made into the Tink Tank but looking at that pattern, it seems to work best in a cotton/cotton mix yarn so I’ve got something else in mind for that. I cast this on simply to have something fairly easy to work on when both Zoe & Duncan are around and I can’t gift knit.

Off the needles

I’ve got a number of gifts on and off the needles this week including the Seamless Salomas:




I know, they don’t look like slippers – which I think is why I like them, they are unusual. But once on, they look like this:



They have a bit more stretch in them but this is me wearing the slippers for Duncan so they don’t need to stretch as much for my feet. I like them, but I discovered, whilst knitting them, that I am most definitely a process knitter not a product knitter – I like to knit this to learn the process and understand how they go together but I’m really not all that fussed about making a number of the same thing. This is the first time I’ve made the same thing over and over in quick succession and I’m just thankful I did Eloise’s last because they were super quick and it meant I couldn’t dwell too long on having to knit the same thing again.

I also finished Eloise’s socks:


You almost wouldn’t believe they came from the same ball of yarn because of the difference in stripes, but they did. I must admit, I’m not ever really precious about having identical socks when it comes to self striping yarn – I don’t really have the patience to wind the ball on to find the same pattern repeat and start again. The Superb seems quite randomly striped anyway so I don’t think I could have done it for both pairs if I’d really wanted too. I like them and as the girls probably will only wear them in bed or around the house, I don’t think either of them will mind the randomness of the colours.

New design

I released a new pattern this week as well, my Starry Socks are now available to buy on Ravelry.


They’re a great way to learn cables without a cable needle and my testers said they were fun and quick to knit.

It just fell into my basket

Like I said last week, I had a slight accident at Posh Yarns and this week, 9 new skeins arrived in the post. Now, they are gorgeous and I’m not sorry, but I really am going to have to start knitting in my sleep or something to get through some of these. First up, Caitlin Aran in After That, Quiet Affection:


Followed by Sylvia lace in The Ayes Have It:


And finally, some Marianne DK in Without A Stain On Her Character


No firm plans for the DK yet, but the lace and aran are already earmarked for projects next year.



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Lots of lovely things! The slippers are very clever!

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