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It’s all about the stash

Posted on: June 6, 2014

This summer is all about the stash. I have a stash; it’s an ever increasing one, despite how much knitting I can get done each month, and I feel no guilt over this. I earn the money, our family does not go without whilst I revel in fabulous yarns, and better yarn than excessive alcohol, chocolate or anything else. I used to have a book buying habit but that has decreased as my stash has increased. I still buy books, I just don’t go out of my way to find them any more.

But I have a stash and it lives in our spare room. I regularly add new yarns to my Ravelry page and I mostly remember to get a photo of the yarn so I can upload it. I love having my stash listed on Ravelry – it helps me remember what I have and remember to use it. I regularly browse my stash online and imagine the possibilities for my yarn.

However, whilst it might be neatly organised online, in real life, it looks a lot more chaotic:




This is the current state of my stash. I have some organisation – the Trofast from Ikea stores my fingering and lace weight yarns and the blue box in the first photo stores the rest. However, I am very, very guilty of photographing the yarn and then just putting it into the spare room rather than putting it away properly so I now have piles and piles of bags and parcels containing yarn and I don’t know where anything really is any more.

Enter the Must Stash Podcast which I’ve recently discovered and love watching. June is entitled Flash Your Stash and we are organising our stash however we need to. For some this means getting it put into Ravelry, for others, such as myself, it’s organising the storage.

So here are my goals for Flash Your Stash:

1 – Re-organise the storage and note on the stash page where everything is so I can find it. 
2 – Photo the few remaining skeins that aren’t already done and get them onto Ravelry. 
3 – Be properly ruthless with what I have and see if there’s anything that can be sold. 
4 – Needle storage. They are basically thrown in a shoe box right now and I can never find anything. I need a better system.

I hope to blog about this over the next month as I spend some time rediscovering the stash and wrangling it into a much better storage system.


In the meantime, these are some of the finished objects from the last couple of months:







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