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A selection of some of the things I’ve been working on over Christmas and since then. I need to photo some more things but the weather has not been kind for a few outdoor shots. What we have here is the Elsie cardigan designed by Ashley Knowlton in Fyberspates lace:

Elsie Cardigan

These are some fair isle mitts I was paid to knit for a designer planning a sale before Christmas. Fair isle in the round is not my strongest technique but these turned out very well, I think:

fair isle mitts

This is the top I knit for my nephew for Christmas:

noah's top

These two, the beanie and mitts, I made for one of my sisters, who loves owls. I already have an idea of what to make her for next Christmas:

owl beanie

owl mitts

These are Pirate socks designed by Jeannie Cartmel (whose sock designs I love), made for my lovely husband:

pirates socks

And finally another shawl, knit between Christmas and New Year, Trinity designed by Anniken Allis:

trinity shawl

At the moment I have 3 designs on the go: a shawl which I’ve submitted to a magazine, the pattern for which is almost written; a bag which I’ve knit up but am not happy with my sample so I’m changing the pattern a little, that has also been submitted to a magazine; and finally a cardigan which I’m currently doing the math for so I can write up the pattern and try it out myself before getting it test knit. It’s been a busy couple of months here, as well as the usual mum stuff I have going on, my other work (audio transcription) has been busier than last year so I’ve been spending most of my time on that but that does at least mean I’ll have money to splurge at Woolfest in June.


Where did the time go? One moment I was thinking about Christmas and the next, we were throwing out the wrapping paper and recycling the boxes. On the plus side, I finished my present knitting with a week to go so there was no last-minute Christmas Eve frantic knitting as with previous years. Instead I spent Christmas and the early part of this year working on a lovely laceweight cardigan designed by the very talented Ashley Knowlton. It is beautiful and will look great with spring and summer dressed – assuming we get a summer of course!

I’ve also been working on some designs including a shawl that I hope to release in the next couple of months. I’m currently knitting a bag and doodling around with a cardigan idea and a jumper for next winter.

As for resolutions; well, I’d like to be a lot better at updating this blog for a start but crafty related, I’d of course love to have some/a pattern published and I’d also like to learn to spin after a very kind person on Ravelry gifted me a drop spindle and some fleece. I also really want to start to dye more yarn myself – I dyed the yarn for my sister’s cardigan and enjoyed it so would definitely like to do some more.

So that’s me. I hope you had a lovely end of 2012 and that 2013 brings you plenty of happiness.


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