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So the Ravellenics are over and how did I do? I listed 5 projects to complete over the 16 days – 2 shawls, dye some yarn, frog a cardigan and complete a work in progress. I think we can call it a 50% success rate. I completed one shawl, the lovely Monica by the Fickleknitter

I also managed to frog a cardigan I made last summer – the pattern is lovely but the yarn is, I feel, too thick (DK instead of 4ply) and jjust not suited to the pattern. I intend to reknit the pattern in a lighter yarn at some point, although I have no idea what I’ll do with the reclaimed yarn yet.

I dyed the yarn for my sister’s Christmas present. This was lots of fun, I really enjoyed doing it and will definitely be dyeing more of my own yarn for my use. I dyed 5 skeins in total – the first 2 I did in the same pot because I thought there’d be enough room but unfortunately, there wasn’t and so the yarn has some undyed patches on it:

It’s all a learning curve, right? Anyway, I have some nice blue or purple dye to overdye it with at some point which I’ll then use for socks. So after that, I tried again with 3 more skeins, separately this time and these are the results:

Much better and my sister likes the colour so I need to get started on knitting with it in the next month.

The wip was picked up again and since the end of the games, I’ve worked on it some more. It remains unfinished but it is out and being slowly worked on, so it wasn’t a total washout. It needs to be finished by December 24th this year – whilst Eloise was only 16mths last year and not really into Christmas, at 28mths this year, I think she will be and as she likes having everything the same as her big sister, the stocking needs to be finished. The final shawl I planned to knit was completed after the games ended and looks fab:

This was my first time adding beads using a crochet hook (as demonstrated by the talented YarnAddict at Woolfest this year). It was so straightforward, no more hours of threading beads onto yarn for me any more!

I’ve also had a week away this month in Windermere with my husband and two girls. The weather wasn’t great all the time but we had a few lovely days out dodging the showers. Whilst there, I worked on 3 different projects: another shawl (which I would have finished but I ran out of yarn just before the end. Luckily I seem to have tracked down some more so it should be finished next month); a scarf for me for winter in a lovely orange/yellow colour – perfect for brightening up those long winter days; and my sock yarn blanket which is a continual WIP and perfect car knitting.

I also heard back about my submitted design to the magazine. It wasn’t chosen this time, but it was my first time ever doing a submission so I’m not too upset about that. I have since reworked it slightly and am currently halfway through test knitting it myself. Hopefully I can complete that next week when school & my childminder restart and get the pattern up soon after.

In the meantime, I have a couple of new ideas swirling round my head, partially inspired by our holiday in the Lakes, and I have a large amount of knitting to do for Christmas gifts. Somehow, I have yet again failed to be more organised and start earlier. Expect sore hands and not much sleep by mid December.


So last night saw the start of the Olympic Games in London. There’s a definite buzz about the country at the moment and I am very much looking forward to going to the one event we have tickets for – the men’s football quarterfinal at St James’ Park up here in Newcastle next Saturday. Not only do I get to go to an actual Olympic event but I also get to see lots of my family, so it’s all good.

Of course, if you’re a member of Ravelry, you can’t help but also know that the opening ceremony last night also heralded the start of the Ravellenic Games, where knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers & weavers challenge themselves to complete projects whilst watching the Olympics. This is the first time I’ve taken part and have enjoyed planning the projects for it. I shall be starting my first project later today – I would have cast on last night but I still have one small bit of my nephew’s present to complete so I wanted to make sure that was done first so it wouldn’t get neglected for the new projects. No photos of the present yet because it’s not quite finished, but I also don’t want to spoil the surprise for my brother and sister-in-law, so photos will follow when they have it.

As for my Ravellenic projects? They involve 2 shawls, completing Eloise’s Christmas stocking (which I started last November), frogging a cardigan where the yarn doesn’t really suit the style, and dyeing the yarn for the Christmas present of one of my sisters. That feels like quite a lot in 2 weeks, but the frogging and dyeing shouldn’t take a massive amount of time (she says, hopefully).

I do have photos of some other recently finished projects. Firstly, an Elizabeth cardigan by Georgie Hallam



I also managed to find the time and space to block Rock Island by Jared Flood:

I love how both have turned out, especially Rock Island, I am looking forward to wearing that – albeit carefully, I don’t really want to have to wash it and block it again on a regular basis.

Once the Olympics are over, I can start thinking about what knitting to take on holiday (as big a task as deciding which books to pack in this house!) and start that Christmas gift knitting as well.

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