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Since the last post, I managed to spend a few hours in the spare room/craft room (the room is split into half yarn related goodies and half my husband’s retro game collection). Firstly, the photos:




From the top, the first shot is my desk, which last week was piled high with post bags and carrier bags full of yarn – unsorted, just thrown on there. Now it holds my books on top and box that contains buttons and various sewing threads. In the space underneath, that large box now holds all my sock yarn along with some sweater quantities of fingering weight yarn. The two bags on top also contain yarn – sport weight in the yellow bag and heavy lace in the other bag. The books are books I want to sell.

The second photo is of my needle storage. No more just chucking them on shoe boxes for me! I now know where everything is. I have a handful of straight needles in the red case which I’ve kept as a ‘just in case’ fall back. I can’t remember the last time I used a straight knitting needle – it’s all circs or dpns these days. My small dpns are kept in the purple needle roll and the larger ones are in the shoe box but I rarely, if ever, use these large sizes. Where I’ve still got the packaging for the needles, I’ve kept them in that so I know what it is and the size without having to find my needle gauge.

The final photo is my drawer storage. Previously, this had held 2 drawers of laceweight and 3 drawers of fingering weight. Now, however, the laceweight yarn takes up 4 drawers (the green and white ones) and the red drawer is full of fingering weight – the yarn that isn’t suitable for socks. Nothing is packed too tightly any more. 

I also organised the blue box I used for yarn, which I didn’t photograph this time round, and that is full of my DK and worsted/aran/heavier weight yarn.

I also spent some time going through my Ravelry stash pages marking where everything is stored and making sure I have photos for everything.  

What did I learn from this? Firstly, my yarn was organised, it’s just that I hadn’t bothered to keep that organisation going. Right now, there is not much space for new yarn unless it’s sock yarn. This isn’t great considering Woolfest is in 10 days time and I have a nice amount saved in order to help small businesses. I clearly need to get knitting quicker.

Secondly, I have so much lovely yarn! This shouldn’t be a surprise to me, I bought the yarn after all, so it should be a stash that I love. But I am terrible at using my stash. Partly this is because I’ve got rather into tops and cardigans this year which has necessitated buying more yarn because I don’t have enough of any one colour/yarn to make a top. But I have some lovely skeins that I have earmarked for projects on Ravelry and they have just dropped off my radar. 

After spending some time tidying and admiring my yarn, I had an overwhelming urge to cast on all the things at once. Given that I have 5 WIPs at the moment (a small number by many standards but big enough for me to feel that none of them are progressing because I can’t work on them enough to get anywhere) and 2 more skeins wound and ready to cast on, casting on more would be crazy. But it’s so lovely, and it’s just sat there unused right now.

In other stash-related news, I’m also taking part in the Knit Girllls Stash Dash with the goal of knitting 5k of yarn by August 7th. I’m at 840.8m at the moment, which is pretty low but I have 2 pairs of socks and a laceweight cardigan currently on the needles which will add around 1600m to my total. You can also use WIPs started before Stash Dash so if I can face threading more beads and finish my Shipwreck shawl, that will also help.


I’ve been working hard for the past couple of weeks, doing the job I occasionally do that brings in some money. It’s only occasional but when it hits, it’s a case of everything else taking a back seat for a week or two until it is done. Thankfully, it is now winding down so I can get back to doing the fun stuff, like knitting.

Of course that is not to say I’ve been working all hours and not doing anything else. I’ve still squeezed some knitting in. I finished my mock socks, which were designed by Rose Hiver:


and I also finished the other pair I was working on, from Wendy Johnson’s Toe Up Socks for Every Body:


The yarn for these was from a sock club from YarnAddict, one of my favourite indie yarns. This photo doesn’t really do the colour justice, they are much more spring like.

I’ve cast on 2 new pairs of socks as well and they’re progressing nicely. I (foolishly) signed up to the 26 pair plunge over at Ravelry, which ends at the end of this month. I’ve completed 21 pairs so far, the ones in progress will take me to 23, so I still need to complete 3 more pairs before the end of the month. If I knit nothing else, this is certainly doable. I’ve been known to knit a pair in 6 days, but it does mean ignoring all other knitting and I don’t like to do that.

Also, because I love the pressure, I decided 6 days before a birthday party that I would reknit the skirt I’d blocked. After trying it on the eldest, I had blocked it too aggressively on the waistband, so had to sew some elastic on, which was no problem. But I still wasn’t happy with the pink over layer, which kept curling despite blocking. So I ripped them back and reknit them in seed stitch and now they lie beautifully flat. I even managed to finish it in time for the skirt to be worn to the party, where she promptly spilt tomato seeds over it. So once it is washed, I will be getting some shots of it. The pattern is virtually written for this one size, I just need to grade it so I can arrange some test knitting.

Finally, because I clearly don’t have enough on the needles, I cast on Shelly Kang’s Sock Yarn Blanket to use up all those leftovers from the many many socks I have knit. I managed 5 mitred squares whilst travelling to visit family over the long weekend. I get the feeling this project will never be finished, I will also have more leftovers to add to it.

On the cards this month then – a lot of sock knitting, some pattern grading and my first trip to Woolfest which I am getting quite excited about. I’ve been saving up so will be looking forward to getting some lovely goodies in my short trip there.

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